Saturday, 16 April 2016

Birthday Celebrations - Family meal number 1

7 course meal it was, at a very lovely restaurant not too far from us. 7 courses!! Well, be rude not to wouldn't it? It was my birthday :)

First up, it was a sharing platter:

Next, it was speciality breads with balsamic vinegar and different dips:

Time for soup. I opted for sweet potato and carrot. It was gorgeous:

Me and the other half mid meal :) 

Cheeky drink or two? Rude not to :) 

Next up, it was a feta, chicken and veg roll on a bed of wild rocket and veg:

Then it was time for wild mushroom risotto. This was my favourite. It came with vegetable crips:

Time for dessert. I went for half and half - baileys milkshake, and a slice of cheesecake:

Finally, it was the cheese board:

Then, we all rolled home. Literally after all that!! So lovely, but I really couldn't do this often. Couldn't move!! Happy Birthday to me :)

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