Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. First up, it was PT tonight. In itself, not normally an experience that I would describe as positive at all. So why then am I including it? Well, because today, it made me feel good. I felt strong and fit. Ok, not fit, but fitter than I was. So that is positive.

Its just over 2 weeks since I turned 40. I was so worried about it, and now I feel fine about it. Other things have taken my mind off it, and life goes on. So all of a sudden, being 40 feels good.

Today, a lovely lady at work gave me a big hug. She was so nice about some of the things happening at the moment, and it was a genuinely decent thing to do. It made me feel positive, albeit fleetingly, about the situation at present. I won't go into that as this is positive posting right here!!

Sometimes, life throws stuff at you. Its difficult at times, that is for sure. But, despite that, there are positive moments in every day. Whilst I have that to hang my hat on, it will be ok. :)

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