Sunday, 3 April 2016

In Need of a Facelift? Hmmm - that would be a yes!!!

2 weeks ago we had our new boiler fitted. That means our bathroom is looking even more in need of a facelift than it did before.

It has a lovely (not) pink sink and loo - seriously - who on earth chose that? Here it is:

The tiles and floor don't match, and then there is the pink suite. Bleugh!! 

However, we are planning to get this room a facelift asap!! Here is one gorgeous bathroom from the Tile Mountain that caught my eye - check it out on Pinterest here 

If I had a dream house, this would be my dream bathroom - here

However, my house isn't quite on that scale. So, with what I have, I would do this. For my downstairs loo, with the gross pink suite, I would choose this range - Solace. I would half tile, half paint with the sink as a splash back. 

For my upstairs bathroom, I would choose the Limestone range. I would have full walls in the bigger bathroom. Both ranges are similar colours, which would work well. 

Finally, the Brancato range would be for the design effect. With being beige and browns, they would work with luxury accessories, such as copper towel radiators and luxe fittings. I am really into retro for fittings, but these ranges are timeless and elegant. 

I have come up with a mood board over on Pinterest - check it out here

All I need now is to save my pennies to get it done. At least the boiler is replaced now, so that's one off the list :) 

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