Friday, 22 April 2016

T-Bag - best villain, like, ever!!!

We are watching Prison Break on boxset, for the second time. Now up to season 4 again, and its as fab second time around as the first let me tell you.

T-Bag, real name Theordore Bagwell, is vile, cruel, murderous and criminal. He is also brilliant viewing! The quotes he comes out with are sublime and take the program to another level. His use of language and the way he intonates - pure brilliance.

"Remember Pretty, I am serving life plus one. So if I get busted for attempted escape, I'ma throw in a homicide, no problem, that's like a parking ticket to me".

"Either I'm through that hole with you, or I'm gonna sing like Johnny Cash"

"Bradley, I couldn't expect a grown man who still lives with his mamma to understand the machinations of love".

T-Bag has lost his hand, escaped twice from prison, been generally rotten, yet he is still fabulous. Whoever cast him, Robert Knepper, struck gold here. This part was made for him. 

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