Sunday, 24 April 2016

What I'm Watching This Week

  • Grand Designs - UK & NZ. I can now add the NZ version to my watching material of the home improvement variety!! This week, they are making a house from tyres, cob and bottle bricks!! Well I never! Great stuff - I absolutely love it. 

  • Emmerdale. My absolute favourite soap at the moment. Missing / stolen engagement rings, lots of fisticuffs, and an evil dad locked up - fab stuff. Truly entertaining, for me, its leaving the other soaps in its wake. 

  • Game of Thrones. Sadly I am now up to date and eagerly awaiting the next series!! The first 5 have been amazing, but there is a question I would love to know the answer to - and that is this. Is Jon Snow dead? The suspense is killing me!! 

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