Thursday, 12 May 2016

Glass of vino? don't mind if I do!! :)

Holiday may be over, but that's no reason not to celebrate. Struggling to get back into the full throw of things at the moment.

This is my usual life routine : work 5 days a week, gym 4 days a week, 10 mins exercise each week day morning. Breakfast, dinner and tea - no snacking. No alcohol on a week night, moderate amount of a weekend. Comping most nights, write a few blogs each day, tweet a little, Pinterest and Facebook, plus a couple of surveys a week. Then there is ebay, reading all my emails, downloading the pics I have taken, listening to new music for my single of the week, and back catalogues for "My Week With". Going out usually one night a week for a meal or a couple of drinks, seeing friends and family.

I got back last night, and only tonight turned on my laptop. Tonight is the first time on FB for a week and a half, first comp for a week and a half. I tried to keep blogging longer, but that's been a day or few now, and everything else I just can't get back into!! I feel out of my routine, and as for exercise - big fat zero on that front despite my good intentions!!

I will get back into things tomorrow, and normal service shall resume!! Promise!! Not jet lagged, but feel like I've had the most amazing week and reality feels kind of strange and unusual!! Glass of wine you say? That will do nicely!

Great holiday though. Going to download all the pics over the weekend, then will share my tales with you. Bear with me! :)