Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My Week with Morrissey Day 2 - How Soon is Now

Day 2 of My Week with Morrissey and today it is 'How Soon is Now'.

This was released as a single in 1985, but was originally a B side the previous year. Of all The Smith's songs, this one is probably the most recognisable by far.

It fared pretty well in the UK singles chart, reach a respectable number 24. Its been used a lot in film and TV, notably 2 of my own favourites - those being the TV series Charmed, and the film The Craft. Pretty cool really, and rightly so.

I think for me, its the words that really hooked me. "I am the son, and the heir, of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. I am the son and heir, of nothing, in particular". Its just that dry, Northern sarcasm that made Morrissey and the Smiths so unique.  "I am human and I need to be loved".

However, "So you go and you stand on your own, and you leave on your own, and you go home, and you cry, and you want to die" is possibly the best line ever written.

For me, its the dramatic instrumental backing that really makes this track something special. It sort of builds up to a dramatic peak, which makes you really feel the satisfying emotion of it. It goes "duh -duh" and you feel the power of this song. That probably means nothing if you haven't heard this - entirely possible for those younger in years than I so I say this - go and listen to this - this is a classic song.

This song is all Morrissey's morose vocals, and weirdly distorted guitar from Marr, but somehow, its more than that. Somehow, this song, dismissed in its infancy, became something greater than the whole, something that elevated it to a song that will always be remembered, a stand out track.

Go and have a listen to this. If its new to you, its something that you won't recognise as there is just nothing similar. If its just been a while, go remind yourself.

For more music, go check out My Music page here, where you can find singles of the week and loads more. Happy listening :)

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