Wednesday, 25 May 2016

PT tomorrow - so nervous!!

Tomorrow is my first Personal Training session since getting back from holiday. The first PT session in nearly 4 weeks in fact!

I have been back to the gym once this week as a starter, but just the thought of going tomorrow is making me very nervous.

I just know its going to be horrendous. I know from past experience that my body is going to have aches and pains for days afterwards. I know from past experience that it will push me to my limits and beyond.

I am also carrying a muscle strain in my right hip/buttock - like sciatic pain. God only knows what pain will be inflicted on said injuries tomorrow!!

He is aware of these issues, but something tells me that he knows what he's doing and that this will be the least of my worries.

So tomorrow is the first session back. Then the next one is booked for next week, assuming I can actually move again by then. First is always worst.

It has to be done. Its my punishment for piling weight on yet again. Maybe this time will be the last time and I can finally get to goal weight!! Going to do my best that's for certain.

Still nervous though. Eeek!!