Friday, 13 May 2016

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Game of Thrones - catch up on first 2 episodes of the new series. First episode, not so much. Second episode? OMG!! I won't spoilt it for you but my gosh it ends with a shock!! Fantastic stuff. Actually got just episode 3 to catch up, then back to waiting a week for an episode again. Pah!! I will just say this - Jon Snow!! 

  • Eastenders. Back off hols, and just watched tonight's episode - yay Peggy is back. Then, shocker, she's terminally ill. Then it showed some moving scenes with her and Phil, that reminded me of how nice Phil once was.Then, shock of all shocks, Grant!!! This going to be classic 'stenders, and I think I am going to require tissues. 

  • Films. I have watched Maggie - very scary indeed. Great cast - Joely Richardson and Arnie. New take on the zombie flick. I have watched The Martian. Now, I am not the biggest Matt Damon fan, if I'm honest, but in this he is fantastic. You literally never take your eyes from the screen, and a lot of the time, there is only him on it. Finally, The Revenant. Leonardo DiCaprio is oscar worthy in this ruthless and brutal epic of survival. More on these to follow later.