Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My Week with Morrissey Day 3 - Shoplifters of the World Unite

Day 3 of My Week with Morrissey and today its the classic 'Shoplifters of the World Unite'.

This single was released in 1987. It wasn't taken from a studio album, and has only ever featured on subsequent compilation albums. The Smiths were never conventional in that sense!!

'Shoplifters' reached number 12 in the UK singles chart. It was quite a hit. It was also a bit sarcastic - as ever!!

The lyrics go "shoplifters of the world, unite and take over; shoplifters of the world, hand it over". Its clearly some political statement, as is often the case with The Smiths and indeed Morrissey.

The vocals in this one, are very melancholy once again. Mozza himself being particularly moody and miserable in his trade mark sway as he sings this one. At once both flamboyant, and yet oozing attitude of a particular low energy lack of effort type that only he could get away with. On anyone else, it would be ridiculous, but he pulls it off!!

Love em or hate em, The Smiths were a classic band, that were perfect for that time. Whilst shoplifters is not at all relevant today, it still sounds good in a retrospective way. It reminds me of being an early teen back in the day. All mood and hormones.

If you weren't of my generation or either side of it, this will be either something you hate, or something you have never even heard of so go take a listen. It will either give you a bit of nostalgia, or a bit of an education! Either way, let me know what you thought of it.

You can find all my previous Morrissey choices, singles of the week plus loads more over at My Music page. Just click here. Happy listening :)

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