Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Week with Morrissey is over

So my week with Morrissey is over. 7 songs, 7 days and now all that remains to be done is to decide which of my choices is in the top spot!

Without further ado then:

In at number 1 it is : This Charming Man
Number 2: How Soon is Now
Number 3: The Boy With the Thorn in his Side
Number 4: Piccadilly Palare
Number 5: Panic
Number 6: Suedehead
Number 7: Shoplifters of the World Unite

My week is over. Its taken a long time this one from when I chose Morrissey and whilst the music has been great, its not the cheeriest!! For more of my week's with and loads more head over to My Music page here.

Now I just need to decide who to choose next. Happy listening :)

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