Monday, 11 July 2016

Not a Walking Ad for my PT - this must change :(

At the moment, I am  embarrassment to my Personal Trainer. I must be, though he's not said as much.

Imagine his job purpose - to get people fit and looking good. Imagine me - over a stone heavier than I was (at least) waddling about the place looking unfit and unhealthy.

I keep saying I'm back on my diet, back into the exercise, what goal I want to reach. I'm getting nowhere, fast.

So I have decided to take a different tack. I want to look like a walking ad for my PT. I want to be good advertising.

Then, when I have sussed it I want to help others do the same. This, I hope will spur me on now, as its getting ridiculous. So here I go, see if this works any better and gets me on the right path again! :)