Friday, 1 July 2016

The one where your other half suddenly decides he wants a motorhome.....

Sitting here after a busy day. We have been decorating the bedroom, well, made a good start anyway. Just starting to relax, watching X Factor, when suddenly, from nowhere, he announces he wants a motorhome!!

Just like that - pow. No warning. Just totally out of the blue says he wants a motorhome. He has never mentioned this before. This is a big deal for my other half who as a rule is that beach body!! He moves his sunbed around to follow those last rays!

Now, he turns 50 next month. Is this the issue? Is he suddenly "middle aged"? Now, for me, I love the idea!! Rocking up somewhere lovely in a big "creature comforts" motorhome? What's not to love?

I could take as many shoes as I like! Clothes, toiletries - you name it. I love this idea!!

I have no idea where we would put one, or how much they are, but its certainly going to be added to the ever growing wishlist of mine!!

Quite where this thought came into his head from I have no idea. Not complaining though- I think it would be fab! :)