Monday, 11 July 2016

to drink or not to drink - should i give up altogether?

Well you know what it's like. Stressful day - glass of wine, whisky - whatever your particular tipple of choice. Then that becomes a daily habit - you say to yourself - well, its been a tough day, it will take the edge off and I deserve it.

Then that glass of wine each night is fast approaching a bottle of wine each night. To use the pringles analogy - once you pop you cant stop. The pounds creep on, as we all know that once you have intake of a certain level of the old alcohol, you want to eat. Worse is that the alcohol has reduced your willpower to nil. The cheese calls to you from the fridge. The bread just begs to be buttered and made into a crisp sandwich. Frozen pizza yells to you to nuke it in the microwave.

Then you start to exercise and start to watch your food intake. Slowly it begins to dawn that it doesnt matter how many hours you pound the gym, or how much you avoid carbs - that wine is the undoing of your efforts.

So, 2 weeks in and I started to avoid the wine on a school night - Mon - Thurs. Last Sunday, I had 2 glasses  of wine and one vodka and boy did I feel the worse for it on the morning.

So it approaches weekend. Its Friday night. Now, as a rule I am a fan of the after work tasty beverage at the local. Could not have been further from my mind this evening. I have worked my backside off and it occured to me that it was a bit of a waste. I did go out, but not until 9.30pm. I did have a drink, but my drink lasted 3 of my partners. I sipped, and to be honest, I could have forgone it altogether if not for the social pariah that would make me. The party pooper if you will.

But back home, said partner is having a G&T now. He just asked me if I wanted a drink. Usual response - but of course! Tonight? No thankyou. Cant bear the thought if I am honest!

Which leads me to the point. Should I just hop on that wagon and give up the booze?