Wednesday, 6 July 2016

What I'm Watching this Week

  • The Football. Sadly, its all over for England now though. Iceland. Seriously!!??!!!

  • Banshee. We have now watched the final episode and there are no more. Its an amazing series, but now its time to pick another boxset. What to choose. Hmm - the violence, sex and plot lines in Banshee are going to take some beating. 

  • Big Brother. Wow. That Welsh lass has a bit of a temper on her!! Seriously though, how they get such a collection of really angry people to behave such on national TV is compelling viewing, albeit makes me very glad I am not in there with them!! 

  • Penny Dreadful. I am nearly at the end of series 1. This is my secret watch - the other half hates this sort of thing. Its full of monsters and horror and gruesomeness, and sex and swearing and its brill!! Totally different to anything else, this is an amazing exciting show. Can't wait for the next series.