Sunday, 24 July 2016

What I'm Watching this Week

  • James Bond films. So far this week, I have watched Golden Eye, Skyfall, Spectre and Casino Royale. Not sure why really - just feeling the need for some spy action. Daniel Craig is most definitely the best Bond in my humble opinion. 

  • Big Brother. Welsh wonder went out in a shock twist, but have you seen that twerking video? OMG hilarious. Jason seems to have turned into some sort of moody sullen sulking child all of a sudden, and its just not the same without Ryan, but still very entertaining, if annoying!

  • Ray Donovan. Gosh this is a program and a half!! Jon Voight is sheer brilliance in this, and as to Ray himself, just charismatic and convincing. Such a tight plot, great characters, great acting - you can't ask any more from this series so far, and am still only on series 1 with 2 more to go!!

  • Grand Designs and a Place in the Sun. I am officially obsessed with property shows. Grand Designs is the stuff of dreams - building from scratch, or totally overhauling. I would love to do that. A Place in the Sun makes me desperate for a bolt hole somewhere sunny.