Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Look Back at My Week with Madonna

My week with Madonna is over. I chose my seven songs, reviewed each, and now its at the end.

With Madge it was difficult choosing just seven. Her back catalogue is huge!! I have really enjoyed it, and its reminded me just what an icon she is.

So, now the fun bit - which of the seven is at the top spot? Here we go then with my top 7 ranking:

In at number 1: Frozen
Number 2: Like a Prayer
Number 3: Vogue
Number 4: Hollywood
Number 5: Hung Up
Number 6: Beautiful Stranger
Number 7: Into the groove

So there we have it, Frozen is my number one choice. They were all great though, along with most of her releases. She is a true star.

But now its over. All I need to do now is decide who to choose next!! Pop back later to find out who it is going to be and if you can't wait you can check out my previous choices over at My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening. :)

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