Monday, 15 August 2016

Battle of the Bush!!! (spiky menace) 4.5.15 - wow!!

We waged war this weekend on a horrible spiky aggressive bush. Someone planted it in a raised bed in our garden and it had gotten out of control!!

The picture doesnt demonstrate how sharp and nasty it was. The next pics do however demonstrate the size of the damned thing in the back of my dad's 4x4!! Here is the empty back.

Work in progress as we fight to remove it. It didn't give in easily!

Previously empty 4x4 now barely able to close the door! 

Unfortunately this was just the first load. We had to do another car full trip to the incinerator after this one!! 

Moral of the story - do not plant aggressive shrubbery!! It fights back! 

Finally the beast was done. Bagged and loaded for the tip!! Phewf!!