Saturday, 27 August 2016

Battle of Will

I am struggling today. Since I woke up, I have been raging hungry. I realise this is because I have not eaten that much of late, but seriously, I have never been so damned hungry!!

I keep thinking "sod it" and deciding to just eat something nice. Then the thought of it being just over 11 weeks to my holiday prevails and I remain resolute.

I had a healthy cereal for breakfast, and then a healthy sandwich for lunch. Tonight I shall be having a healthy low cal tea. I just feel hungry and I just want to eat!!! Ideally chinese takeaway, pizza or chips or better still a big block of chocolate!!

Maybe one day, when I'm slim again. Just not today, I cannot do that today. Or any day for the next 3 weeks and 1 day!! I need motivation and will power.

It all comes down to a battle of will. I can do this. I can and I will :)

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