Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Daily Positivity Post

First up today, I have just found out I have won a competition!!! A year's membership to a Nuffield Gym so feeling very happy with that :)

We have spent several hours in the garden again this week. Today's job was to tackle the wisteria which has gone totally beserk and completely covered the beautiful magnolia behind it. So, we were up on ladders pruning and cutting it back and oh my gosh it looks so much better!!

Its been bugging me for ages, so I am feeling good that we got it done.

Today I got my mojo back a bit too. I've been really struggling to get to grips with being back on a diet, back to exercise, but today, I felt that click back into place, so that is fantastic!! Especially with a posh gym membership coming my way!! Woohoo!!

Good day today, and of course the sunshine always helps! :)