Thursday, 25 August 2016

My New Retro single of the Week - The Human League - Don't You Want Me

My New Retro single of the Week is a classic from the Human League with 'Don't You Want Me'.

'Don't you Want Me' was one of the most iconic hits of the early 80's. It was released in 1981, but even now its still being used on TV and in adverts. When I played it to my 11 year old step daughter she proclaimed that she knew this one, so there is proof of its longevity.

The Human League were cool back in the day. Think big shoulder pads, thick black eye liner and vampish lipstick - men and women!! They were categorised as new wave, but think pop with edge in today's parlance. A bit electro synth, and a catchy tune made it stand out from the rest.

This single was in fact the fourth to be taken from their 1981 album Dare. Not only did it reach number 1 in the UK singles chart, but it was the Christmas number 1.

The band themselves hail from Sheffield. They released 2 albums prior to Dare, but it was that third album that bought them to the mainstream. Lead singer Phillip Oakey and vocalist Susan Ann Sulley are the two male and female vocals on this as they sing about their different sides of the story.

The video is very sultry and was intentionally filmed to be in keeping with murder mystery movies, particularly to coincide with the newly launched MTV. Wow - its been around that long - 1981!!  This was a new era - the era of the song and the video as iconic. This was a great video, and made icons of the singers and their 80's hair and make up.

The Human League became massive, with this being their biggest hit. They were icons, and this song became a classic. It still sounds amazing, and the way the world has gone retro crazy, the video still looks cool.

Go take a listen and let me know what memories it bought back or what you think if its new to you.

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