Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Inspired by Fatonomics -the bet is on with the other half!!

I watched Fatonomics and I am utterly inspired. If there is one thing I hate more than being overweight, it is parting with my money!!

Don't get me wrong - I am happy to buy things I love, and on holidays etc.. But wasting money? No no no! So, I watched this program with Dr Christian (him off Supersize v Superskinny).

Basically two very overweight people put their own money up and compete against one another to lose the most % of fat. If they win, they get to spend their opponents money. If they lose, they lose their money and have to watch the other person spend it!!

Amazingly, this seems to work. Clearly us Brits are not easily parted with our dosh, even if it means sticking to our diets!

You may be wondering how this has inspired moi. Well let me tell you then. I'm not going to be competing with another fellow dieter. I don't have anyone who is of a similar weight to me to do it with. My other half is on a diet, but he has much less to lose, and he's one of those damned annoying types that thinks about dieting, does it for 2 weeks and it magically melts away.

Not a chance am I competing with him. Not going to happen. If anything, it would probably be more likely to de-rail my attempts. So how am I going to use this technique then?

Well, my version is this. I am going to give my other half £100 of my very own pounds. Between now and July (when we go on holiday), I am not to drink any wine, beer or cider. If I do? Bye bye £100. If I don't? I get my lovely dosh back.

You might by now be thinking that I am bonkers. I probably am. However, wine is my nemesis. I absolutely love it. It is my beverage of choice. The problem is that if I drink wine, my will power goes out of the window, and I drink more wine, then I nibble, then I gorge. Then I usually fall asleep. Its not a good combination for a diet.

I am allowed shorts, spirits with a mixer (diet of course), so this should be a successful project. I am going to put Dr Christian's logic to the test.

Will money be enough I wonder? Lets see.

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