Thursday, 22 September 2016

Laughing at misfortune - I couldn't help it!! Looking back at 2014!!

I did not want to go to the gym today. My legs were still sore and achy from Thursday's personal training session, I was tired, and I had a little bit of a sore head from having a couple of the old vino's yesterday evening.

So I forced myself to go, partner in tow, also a reluctant today. We ran, we rowed. He went off to do his weights, and I opted for the cross trainer. Directly in front of me, a couple were walking on the treadmills. Both wearing sweats and looking a bit too warm. She decided to take off her sweatshirt whilst still walking. 

The next thing I knew, she was on the floor behind the treadmill, flat on her back with the sweatshirt still over her head. I can only assume that trying to take it off had unbalanced her and she had been flung unceremoniously from the treadmill. I started to laugh, but tried to pull myself together as she was still fighting with the sweatshirt which was stuck on her head, and I wasn't sure if she was laughing or crying. 

Once she got the sweat off her head, I could see she was fine, but very embarrassed. By this point, it was me who was crying. I was absolutely helpless. I had to stop the cross trainer and go over to the other half, as it was totally inappropriate for me to be so close to her howling like a banshee with raucous hysterics. 

The other half had no clue what was up with me. I couldn't compose myself for a minute or two to explain, but once I did, I set him off too!! 

I finally managed to regain control of myself, and pulled myself together, continuing my workout. The problem was she had gamely continued her own workout, and I kept seeing her which kept setting me off again!!

I have to say, as a result, I totally enjoyed my workout today!! ;)

(originally posted in 2014) 

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