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My Movie Reviews - Thor : the Dark World

If you are a fan of comic book film adaptations, then this is for you. Thor: The Dark World, otherwise known as Thor 2 (as in its the second one), came out in 2013.

Quite obviously, from the title, its another episode in the story of title character superhero : Thor. Played by Chris Hemsworth so brilliantly in the first film, he returns again as the lead character.

Thor is a character from the Marvel Comics, along with others you might know better such as Spider Man, Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain America to name a few of them.

This film boasts a fabulous cast - Hemsworth as Thor, as I mentioned is the lead. But the supporting cast includes Thor's love interest in the form of Natalie Portman, Thor's dad Odin is Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo as his mum Frigga, and his brother Loki is played by Tom Hiddleston. But that's not all - the case also includes Christopher Eccleston, Stellan Skarsgard and Idris Elba!

So back to the film. This film is all about the the Convergence. This soon becomes apparent as a bad thing about to happen. Thor, fresh from fighting another battle to pacify the Nine Realms, returns to Asgard, where his brother Loki is imprisoned for his previous crimes.

The Asgardians soon discover the Convergence, which is an event that will link the nine realms together, causing random portals between the realms. This is not good, as it will distort the laws of physics and cause mayhem and disruption, not to mention destruction of the earth.

Portman who plays Jane, is in London whilst this is all beginning to happen. She gets caught up in a portal she is investigating and becomes infected by the power of a secret weapon, which was trapped years previously by Thor's father but due to all the portals and the Convergence has been released. The weapon was known as the Aether.

Thor, returning to earth, finds Jane, but is shocked when she uses the power know within her. Thor takes her back to Asgard with him, knowing that to leave her on earth will destroy her. His father Odin realises at once what has happened, and warns Thor that the power will be too much for Jane and will ultimately kill her. Worse still, he has grave concerns over the power that the Aether has and of what it portends for the nine realms.

Odin having previously fought with Malekith, a kind of dark lord, who previously tried to rule using the Aether, unknown to Odin escaped. Malekith wakes up on the release of the Aether, somehow connected to it. Algrim, a warrior of Malekith's, offers himself and is turned into one of the Kursed - a sort of souless master warrior that will fight to death. Algrim and Malekith seek the Aether and attempt to track down Jane, knowing that she is within Asgard.

In the battle, Thor's mother is killed by them. Thor, knowing he should not leave Asgard has no choice but to ask Loki for help. He doesn't trust him though, not one bit. Together, they flee with Jane to a secret portal only known by Loki. So far, it would appear Loki has been good to his word and they hope to draw Malekith away from Asgard.

The plan works, and Malekith and Algrim follow them. Loki tricks Malekith into taking the Aether without killing Jane doing it. Thor battles to destroy the weapon once and for all, but fails, and Loki is fatally hurt after killing Algrim. Thor holds his brother in his arms and promises him that he will tell their father of his courage. It seems Loki wasn't all bad after all.

Malekith however, continues to wreak havoc. He plans to destroy the world through the convergence by using the portals linking the nine realms. By using the power of the Aether, he could destroy all the realms due to the distortions in the physics. Just don't ask me to explain this part - it was very complicated.

Thor battles with him, in and out of the portals, until there is just one portal between them. He cannot get to Malekith, but he works with Jane and her team to teleport Malekith to the secret portal to the world he last Loki in, just in time for Malekiths own ship to fall upon him crushing him. Good riddance too. The world is saved. Again.

Thor returns to Asgard, and to his father. Odin offers Thor the throne. Thor declines. Odin comments that he has one son who is offered the throne but does not want it, and the other who would have done anything for it, but could not be given it.

All in all, this is an action packed film, and is visually stunning, amazing effects and a fab storyline. This film tells more of Thor's relations, but I have to admit it is a bit confusing at times. Yes, I get that Thor has his hammer, and has to keep battling to prove his worth, honour his father etc.. Yes, I get that he is from Asgard, and that he has to protect it. I get that he is a superhero and that his brother is a baddy for the most part. All of that, great.

The not so great stuff now then. It's all very challenging to keep up with. Unless you are an avid Marvel Comics fan, who not only has seen all the films that went before, but also has read much up on the characters, the planets, the realms and the interconnected stories between the various big hitters i.e. The Avengers Assemble ones, you get a bit lost. You can work out who is the good guy who is the bad guy mainly, but not what is happening, or why it is happening.

My best advice would be to watch the first one again, then watch this immediately after wards without delay. I haven't seen the first one for a good year or more, and this lost me at times. I'm going to watch number one, then watch this again.

This is not to detract from what a great film this is, but its not one to half watch whilst you are doing something else. This one requires your full attention. Hemsworth looks mighty hot in this, which is visually enjoyable!! The actors are very good, and the characters well written. Just don't expect the simpleness of some other comic productions. This one is deep! This boy has some issues for sure!!

Well worth a watch, just don't watch it whilst you are ironing, on the laptop or your tablet or your phone - it needs your 100% concentration. In my opinion anyway. I would give this a 6 1/2 out of ten, as the techy stuff also lost me a bit. Good film, but too over complicated.

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