Monday, 26 September 2016

OMG - Something growled at us in the woods - a wolf? a lion??

We walked home from our local last weekend and heard a sound that I can seriously say terrified me.

I'd had a couple of glasses of wine granted, but we have walked home along our road countless times and I have never heard a thing. To the point where we have always felt really safe.

That night however, I was literally still shaking. As we passed the woods, something rustled in the bushes and undergrowth. I jumped back, and then me and my partner heard this deep growling husky noise. I started to run. My partner, ever curious, was still at the spot.

I stopped running, and told him to move his backside. We then ran / walked / trotted the rest of the half mile to get home, where in I remained panic stricken. I was imagining American Werewolf here!!

I was so scared. I have never heard anything like that. It was not a dog I swear to god. It was deeper than that. What it was, I daren't imagine.

The other half, typically, wanted to get his torch and go and see what it was. Not a chance!! Doors were locked, and we were not, repeat, not going outside again that night :(