Sunday, 18 September 2016

One Small Change Number 1

I have always loved a lovely pint of lager. I have come to realise though that its not a good choice for a tipple in that it is high in calories, plus for some reason it makes me want to eat!! Now, if you want to make a small change, then swap your normal pint of lager for a short. 

Swap this for this:

Even if you can't give up the beer altogether, and you just make a small change in swapping for one night, it will add up over time. You can have a short with a diet mixer and it will be so much better for your calorie intake. Plus, beer bloats you up, where as spirits don't. 

I don't do calorie counting, I'm a weight watchers pro-pointer myself. In those terms, a pint of San Miguel pictured is 6 points. A measure of most clear spirits in 2 points. That's a massive difference. If you replaced a couple of drinks based on that reduction of calories, you could really make a difference. 

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