Friday, 30 September 2016

Somebody said something awful to me a few weeks ago. I need to diet!!

 I was describing to someone how I fell last week and bumped my head. I came a right cropper, and the person I was chatting with was being most sympathetic.

Until they said this "you're a big girl to fall like that as well!". Ok, so I am far from a stick insect, this is not news. But a big girl?? Really?

I am a size 12-14. Granted, at the moment, more 14 than twelve, still carrying my post holiday weight. But a big girl?? I am, quite simply put, devastated.

I'm 100% certain the person in question was not intentionally trying to hurt me, but my gosh it hurt all the same.

Right then. I never want to be described like that or seen like that ever again. Drastic measures are called for. Starting immediately!!

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