Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Why is losing weight so hard?

It should be easy shouldn't it? Its science - if you burn off what you eat by only taking in what you need, then you lose weight right?

So why is it so hard? I will tell you why its so hard. Life. Sometimes it feels like everything I want to eat is high in fat, sugar and calories. Everything I can't stand is good for me. So what happens? I deny myself the things I enjoy then go mad with cravings for them and eat until I burst when the opportunity presents itself. Little and often would be better.

To control my diet, I need to control it all the time. Its no good being good for 3 days then going beserk at weekends. Its no good to be good for weeks at a time, to then derail completely for a week and end up back at the starting point.

This is why its so hard. You have to change everything - your habits, your coping mechanisms, your lifestyle choices. I can motivate myself by slimming for a holiday, or to get into a new dress, but long term it just seems to big and too far away.

So I console myself with wine, or crisps, or cheese or biscuits, bread - anything really that high fat, high carb, high taste!! Food tastes good. Wine goes so well with it!!

Its the long term discipline that does me every time. I can do short bursts its maintaining I struggle with. This is why losing weight is so hard. There are no quick wins. There are no shortcuts. I'm either losing weight or I am not. Sticking to it or not caring and out of control.

Its hard. If it wasn't, everybody would be slim. I have to keep reminding myself that most people with great bodies have to work really hard at it. Most people, it doesn't come naturally to, with the odd exception.

Sometimes I feel hard done by because I am not a size 10. Then I remind myself, that I could be, but its my choice to put that food into my mouth. My choice, noone elses and that is why I am not a size 10. That's why its so hard. I do this to myself!!

Yeah there are reasons. Namely stress at the moment, but I still have a choice. I need to make better choices from this point. No more derailing. A slip shouldn't mean total relapse. It should just be a slip.

Its hard, but it will be worth it. I just need to understand that a slip is just that. Each day is a new day. If I blow it one day, get back up and on it the following day and start again. Don't throw in the towel and stuff my face the following day too!!

Are any of you on a diet at the moment? What do you do to control your cravings and keep your will power on track?

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