Monday, 31 October 2016

10 Scary Films for Halloween #8 - Psycho

10 scary films for Halloween number 8. Psycho.

Psycho was released in 1960, and is probably one of the most famous horror films out there. Its an Alfred Hitchcock movie, and it really has stood the test of time, being re-covered and referenced ever since. It is a classic.

This original version stars Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh, who play the main leads - Norman Bates and Marian Crane. We meet Crane when she is having a rendezvous with her lover at a hotel. They discuss lack of money, and she returns to her humdrum office job.

A customer comes in to pay for a purchase, as she works in a property office. Crane takes the money to deposit it, but never gets to the bank. She instead, runs off with it. After a scare when she has taken a nap at the wheel, and is approached by the police, she goes to a car sales lot and changes her car.

She drives on, but when the weather gets bad, she pulls in when she sees the Neon sign for "The Bates Motel". Its so off the beaten track that she is the only guest, as she is told by none other than Norman Bates himself.

To be honest, Perkins is good looking and charming, and you could easily believe he is harmless. He isn't!! He insists they eat together, and they do. Its safe to say, this was their only meal together, as I am quite sure everyone is aware of "that shower scene" and the "screech screech screen" music to accompany the knife slashes!!

Marion's sister raises the alarm when they realise she is missing, and hires a detective to look for her. He finds the Bates hotel, but his finding is short lived as he is killed too.

Her lover and her sister, fearing the worst, head off themselves. Puzzled, when they speak to the local sheriff and discover Norman's mother is dead, as the detective had said he was going to speak to her.

They don't find Marion, but they do find his mother - who is of course, a corpse!! After trying to kill them to, Norman is arrested. It turns out that he takes on the persona of his mother, as he hadn't coped with her taking a lover as a boy and had murdered them as well!!

Its a brilliant film, with brilliant actors, and yes, the clothes, the cars etc.. do date it, but the plot and the shocks are just as fresh.

Another brilliant film for Halloween. You can find more over at My Film page - just click here.

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