Sunday, 9 October 2016

Dear Body, I apologise.....

I am writing this to my body. I feel I must apologise, so here goes:

Dear Body. I'm sorry for how I have treated you. I have not been kind to you at all. I have given you the wrong foods, at the wrong times, in the wrong quantities. I have given you too much wine!! I have spent too much time running the tank on empty, and not enough on filling you with the premium fuel you need to run well.

I'm sorry I haven't taken the time to appreciate you, and I promise to try harder to look after you. I'm sorry I have let you get out of shape, and I vow to make you proud starting today. I want you to feel strong, healthy and fit. You deserve it. We both deserve it.

I should say no to that second glass of Pinot. I should just step away from the cheese. I should have avoided the dessert menu. I failed you, but I won't fail again.

Please accept my apology and take note that we can do this together. We got this.

Yours sincerely.

Me x