Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Half Stone Pandora charm! Genius!

Chatting away about the woes of dieting, and the toughness of getting my behind to the gym, me and the other half got onto the topic of rewards.

As a joke, I said I might treat myself to a Pandora charm for each half stone milestone I reach. I do respond well to motivation like that. To my surprise, the other half, not known for his loving or supportive gestures it has to be said, suddenly said he would get me one too for each half stone! Wow!

So now I need to get planning for which ones I might buy. So far, I'm loving the Stiletto charm and the Handbag charm for two. Plus those with hearts on. Decisions decisions.

One charm I shall not be buying though, and woe betide anyone foolish enough to purchase for me when the time comes, is the 40 charm. Why on earth would I want to broadcast to the world that I have reached that particular milestone? Not a chance.

The Red Apple charm is gorgeous and actually quite apt for a diet theme. Wishing star charm is lovely and getting to my goal would be my wish. The sparkling leaves one would match my ring and earrings which I had for my birthday.

I like the Bear Hug and the Penguin family charms too. The pink pave charm is beautiful so is the lots of love charm. The Aries charm is quite personal to me. The sparkling butterfly charm is really pretty.  I like the S as well as that's my name!!

Back on the healthy food theme and there is a strawberry charm which is really cute. But I also like the castle and the Frog Prince charms - bit Fairy Tale time.

On a quite poignant note, there is a Cupcake and an elephant - quite a good combination to remind me what happens to my body when I eat cupcakes!!

So many to choose from and such a lovely way of remembering the journey to get to my goal weight and an incentive to firstly lose the weight, and secondly to keep it off!

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