Monday, 10 October 2016

I am a Micro Blogger who loves food, travel and music!!!

I have long sought to know what sort of blogger I am. I dallied with lifestyle for a bit, then realised that music and films don't fit with that.

So then I thought maybe I am a music and film ergo entertainment blogger. Then I realised that posts about clothes and diet didn't fit.

So I was stumped. I kept blogging. As by now it was for the interest of it. Yes I would love to be a hugely successful blogger, but actually, I just love to blog because I love to blog, if you follow.

Then I read an article on the traditional journo bloggers. Those that in a previous generation would most likely have written freelance for papers and mags. They tend to be long, wordy affairs.

I am more of the facebook generation of sorts. I'm older than than the FB types, as in I am in my 40's - just!. However I do prefer more of a status update type of post.

So I now realise that I am a micro blogger. Finally I have a category!!

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