Saturday, 15 October 2016

I want to secretly learn Spanish

Yes, I am going to try and learn Spanish. I'm not going to attend a class though, I am going to learn it - in secret!!

You may be wondering why I would do such a thing. The reason, at least for the next 5 weeks, is that we are off to Lanzarote, and I want to impress the other half by knowing a few phrases.

The other reason, is that I want to be able to speak another language. I know bits of French, and the odd German and Italian word, but thats about it. So Spanish is on my to do list, starting today.

I shall choose certain things that I want to know the names of, and just keep practicing. Now, clearly, I am not going to pick up a whole language in a few weeks, but I shall learn some and thats the important thing.

Then, when I get back, I want to fully learn it. Looking forward to this!! I may even share a bit with you - we can learn together!!

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