Saturday, 29 October 2016

Its Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Yes folks, its Saturday. What are you up to today? Me? I'm not up to anything today really. I have the onset of a cold, and am determined its not getting a hold of me, so its indoors for me today.

Right now, I'm listing a few items from last weekends epic wardrobe clearout!!

Yes, it was immense!! Took me forever, but well worth it. But that was last weekend. Today, I need to get the stuff listed and hopefully sold!! 

What else am I doing today then. Well, I have a cupboard upstairs that could be fairly accurately described as my "messy" cupboard. Full of paperwork, folders - you name it. It needs a sort out, so that is on today's list. 

Other than that, not really got much to do today, so I shall be doing some serious comping of course, maybe even a few creative ones! I love weekends. If I won the lottery, I would find plenty to do!! No problem! 

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