Sunday, 2 October 2016

Struggling with Anxiety? Exercise helps it seems...

I am really struggling of late with anxiety. It affects my breathing - tight chest, tingly feelings. It affects my sleep, my concentration - you name it. This past week, its returned with a vengeance, coupled with a shedload of stress.

Leaving the house has become quite the challenge, but my other half is determined that I get through this, so he encouraged me to exercise. I thought he was barking, but here's the amazing thing - it does help!! Ok, its not a cure, but for a brief period, I had something to think about, to concentrate on and - wonder of wonders - my chest felt less tight and I could actually breathe - albeit shortlived.

It may not cure me, but its a reason to get out of the house. That's one thing - I don't think staying inside and fretting is going to help me. Second - exercise is good for me - clearly mentally with the anxiety, but also, for a brief period, I felt less down. It wore off, but it felt good at the time.

Finally - I feel physically tired, so maybe, just maybe, I might actually get some sleep tonight!! Here's hoping - its been a while now!!

Anyone out there have any experience of this ? Drop me a line if you share this issue, or have any tips on how to cope with it. Its really not much fun at the moment. If nothing else, if going to the gym gives me one hour a day of respite, I'm all for that!!