Saturday, 1 October 2016

Unreasonable Ebayers - Grrrr!!!!!!!

WARNING - I am having a moan!!

Ok, so I sell my unwanted items on ebay. You know the sort of thing - jumpers that are too big, t-shirts that are too tight. As a perpetual yo-yo dieter, my wardrobe is full of things that don't fit me.

Most things I list for 99p and see what happens. It's a chance you take - sometimes they sell for more, sometimes you have to accept that its gone for a bargain.

This happened last week. I listed a jumper, and it sold for 99p. I put on the ad that it would be dispatched within 3 working days, would arrive within 7-8 working days.

The item ended at 9.30 on the Tuesday night. The buyer didn't pay until the following morning, Wednesday. On Thursday, I got a message via ebay demanding to know why it hadn't been dispatched yet. It was first thing on the Wednesday, not even 24 hours after payment. Being at work, I couldn't respond, so that evening I messaged back and said it would be in the post on Friday.

Friday, being the third working day. I did as I had said and posted the item at the post office on Friday lunch time. On the Saturday, the buyer messaged me again, demanding to know, again, where it was and why it hadn't arrived, and why I had only dispatched it on Friday.

Wanting to remain polite, I pointed out the listing which said dispatched within 3 working days, which it had been. I got a message back saying it was late being posted. I didn't reply as I couldn't figure why this person wasn't getting the point - it had been dispatched within the time scale. On Monday, I got another message advising that they would be opening a case against me, because it hadn't arrived.

This being the Monday, and the item ended at 9.30pm the previous Tuesday, so not even a week since it ended. I sent a message advising that it was now with the post service, but that the listing advised arrival within 7-8 working days. Monday was working day number 4!

Tuesday, I got another message saying the parcel had been damaged. I messaged asking if the item was ok, or if it was just the wrapping. I got a message just one word "wrapping".

I heard no more, but yesterday on my ebay account it said negative feedback had been left because an item was 1 week late arriving!! It wasn't even a week from the item ending, let alone a week late arriving!!

I mean for heaven's sake. Firstly, it was a 99p jumper. Secondly, I had sent it quickly, and it arrived quickly too. Why do people have to be so unreasonable?? Really does annoy me.

Then, today, another moaner. No contact, nothing just negative feedback left!! This time, its for a skin cream I had new, but it was buy one get one free and it would have taken me ages to use it, so I sold it. The metal foil seal was still on the tube, as it hadn't been opened. This buyer decided to leave feedback saying the item looked like it had been used!!! How the bloody hell could it be used when its still sealed!!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!!

 Rant over. THE END. X

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