Saturday, 15 October 2016

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Emmerdale. In the aftermath of Holly's untimely death, the village is reeling. Cain and Moira need to get back together!! In the meantime, Dan has had enough. Fab stuff from the village this week. 

  • The Apprentice is back!! Hoorah!! Sir Alan has returned and the candidates this time seem as bonkers as ever! I mean seriously - get the value before you flog it!! Cue Karen "you're a bit excited aren't you" to one of the candidates!! Fabulous :) 

  • Penny Dreadful. I am now on the final series and its getting really gruesome and dark. Witches being burned alive, werewolves, frankenstein's monster - this has it all and its darkly delicious. 

  • The Walking Dead. Second time around, in prep for the new series, and its fascinating how much I missed first time around. Rick is the hero of course, but this is an ensemble cast that really make you connect. Brilliant effects are truly scary - who knew there could be so much gore and gruesomeness but still be believable.