Monday, 17 October 2016

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Strictly. I'm not an avid Strictly fan but this season is brilliant. I'm loving Madness being on - talk about making a band sexy when they really are not!! The thing with this program that I love is that it makes me want to dance. I would really love to be taught by the best and dance with the best, but also there are those that are truly terrible. This season we have Dorian off Birds of a Feather, we did have Will Young (sobs) and Louise Rednap is brilliant. But its the surprises that take your breath away. Fabulous stuff. Seven!! 

  • X Factor. Yes, its all about the TV this weekend. Results on Sunday night, and some real bum notes on Saturday's show!! I'm not really sure about Sharon and Louis being on the panel - not really on the pulse are they, but still funny to watch. I just wonder what actual talent Sharon has, lovely as she is, to be commenting on other wannabes. Loving the Motown theme this week. 

  • Coronation Street. David has finally lost the plot. Is he going to do something reckless? This is David - probably. Steve Mcdonald is getting on my nerves - I mean really - Michelle and Leanne both must see something I simply do not and now he's being ridiculous over his genetics. Hmmm. Highlight of the week though - Ken Barlow working in the florist - brilliant!! 

  • The Apprentice. Each year, I watch the apprentice and I love it. Claude and Karen as his right and left hand advisors are perfection. I thought Nick and Margaret couldn't be replaced, but whilst not the same, they are just as good. This year's disastrous apprentices are just as clueless in these first few tasks. It does make me wonder if they have ever actually watched the show before. I mean come on - what were they thinking? I have never seen both sides bought back in because both were so bad there was no actual winner!! Fabulous stuff.