Saturday, 12 November 2016

3 Day Diet - The Results

This week, I did the 3 day diet or as its otherwise known, the military diet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That meant suffering through days like this:

A round of wholemeal toast, a boiled egg and a banana for breakfast. 

Lunch - 5 crackers and some cottage cheese. 

The evening's gourmet spectacular:

2 hot dog sausages, carrots and broccoli. 

Appetising? No. Filling? Good grief no. I could have gnawed a dog's bone seriously. I would have fought one for it!! However, the results are now in. Cue X Factor music please for dramatic impact.... 

5 pounds loss!!!! OMG!!! In 3 days!! A-mazing!! I was hungry. I was irritable. I wanted cheese and crisps. I stuck to it and wow!! 

Now though, I need to keep it off. So today, is a normal eating day but I have kept the calories low, just a bit more filling. Tonight I had quorn gammon steaks x 2, with some cauli rice and home made salsa to spice it up. Accompanied by a pint of water and cup of green tea. Not exactly like having a chinese takeaway, but compared to the blandness of the 3 day diet it felt like heaven!! 

I still need to lose a bit of weight to reach goal - 11lbs to be precise. But this is brilliant. I am going to enjoy my holiday with this body.