Sunday, 13 November 2016

I rescued a bird back in May last year - I'd forgotten!

My good deed for the day - I have rescued a baby Thrush that decided to do a kamikaze flight into the living room window. We were sitting in the lounge, when we heard a bang. I rushed to the window and there it was - a fluffy baby Thrush on the floor lying on its side.

I sprinted out in my PJ's and it was still lying there. It seemed to be breathing, so I fetched a tea towel and gently placed it over the little thing. I wrapped it up and picked it up. I could feel its little heart beating, so I held it to me so it was warm and stroked its head. Its little beak kept opening and closing, and I thought it was a goner. 

Then it raised its head a little bit and opened it eyes. I loosened the tea towel, but it didn't fly off. I gently placed it onto the lawn, and it kind of just lay there. So I unwrapped it completely, and just kept stroking it. I checked its wings and its head, and I couldn't see anything so it appeared to have survived. Then it stood up on it legs, but it still made no attempts to move. 

Its beak was opening and closing again, and I could hear another Thrush somewhere in the garden, warbling away. I backed away, but still it didn't move. I didn't dare leave it there like that all defenseless. I knelt down, at arms length, and gently nudged it.

It took a tentative step forward. I stroked it again, and it seemed quite happy about it. I then gave it a another little nudge, and off he went!! Flew up into the tree. I was so relieved!!  

I've checked the garden several times since, and its not fallen anywhere that I can see so I think he's ok. I have rescued a baby Thrush. Feeling very happy with myself now! :)