Thursday, 3 November 2016

My Body Gallery - my new page!!

I've had a brainwave. Reading about my diet, health and fitness efforts is all very well and good. Telling you my weight, how much I have lost and where I want to be? Great.

There is a better way that I can demonstrate my issues that will help you see what I mean. I have now started a Body Gallery - check it out here 

As and when I stumble across my "bigger" pics, and as I progress towards goal, I will add to this gallery. Hopefully, this will show you the work I am or possibly, am not, achieving in body terms! Ahem. Hopefully, it will be positive progress, but its just as important when its not! I am a yo-yo dieter you see, and its hard to explain how much my body is changing. Now you can see for yourselves.

Let me know if you are trying to change your appearance and how you are getting on. Its flippin' hard work, so sharing can help you know :)