Thursday, 3 November 2016

Planning for Holidays and Christmas - busy day!!

Today I have been exceptionally busy!! I have placed my order for the day after hols, and also my order for Christmas - yes sorry, the C word again there!!

That feels good - it was fun ordering my plonk - Prosecco darling - and my fresh orange for the bucks fizz - family tradition Christmas day. Also getting excited for the dinner itself - lots of goodies coming!! Whoop!!

I have also updated my list for Santa - you can see that on 1st December - that will be when I expect Santa to gear up for delivery :)

Finally, I have started my holiday packing list - its only just under 2 weeks away, so it will be here before I know it. It seems quite nice organising sun creams when its cold outside.

Its been a good day :)