Thursday, 3 November 2016

Stress, strain and a facial is in order!!

I have been soo stressed this past few weeks.

Things are in a state of uncertainty. All in all, I have not been taking care of myself.  I am back on the diet and I am off the booze on week nights. I am exercising, because it seems to help with the anxiety.

As a consequence of all this my skin is congested. Partly because of neglect, and partly as a result of my skin starting to show the signs of stress and strain, I put more make up on and even wore it at the gym = even more congestion. Not good. Not good at all.

Some of the problem is all the rubbish pouring out of me - your skin is after the bodies way of disposing of toxins. Then the make up and sweating at the gym has stopped my skin breathing. Now, its awful.

So I am going to book myself in for my a destressing treatment local beautiful spa. I've opted for the Elemis Advanced Customised Facial. It says on the website that this particular facial incorporates special massage techiniques and that they are customised to soothe sensitive skin, purify congested skin or rebalance stressed skin. I need all three!!

Looking forward to the pampering and I just hope it does the trick. I know people have severe problems with their health, but if you have ever suffered with problem skin you will understand how much it makes you feel self conscious and how much it bothers you. Hopefully this will get it back on the right track again. That plus the fact that I am now looking after myself again of course!!