Saturday, 26 November 2016

Titanic forgotten

Whilst scrolling through what seemed to be endless channels with nothing at all on to watch (well nothing suitable for a 10 year old's company certainly) I stumbled upon Titanic.

Initially, I wasn't inspired at the thought of watching this as in my memory it's all a bit twee, but in the absence of anything else to watch, and feeling tired from a long walk in the fresh air, not to mention the Christmas cold I have at present, I stuck it on.

It took just minutes to be utterly absorbed. I had forgotten how perfect Kate Winslet's skin is (my own is a bit of a nightmare to say the least, especially in winter) and how beautiful the dresses she wore in it. I had forgotten what Leonardo DiCaprio looked like back then, as granted, he is still a good looking man, but by golly he has changed some!

The chemistry between the two is mesmerising, and the backdrop of the untimely demise of that unsinkable ship Titanic is nothing short of spectacular. I have been a bit of Titanic fan - the ship, not the film, for many years, and have been to Belfast where she was born, so watching it's end in this amazing visual film is in itself sad and yet fantastic at the same time. Its so bitter sweet. I find myself now hoping for a different ending, a happy ending, knowing there can never be one and that Titanic will lie for ever on her death bed at the bottom of the ocean.