Thursday, 10 November 2016

Welcome Followers :)

I am a relatively new blogger. Still learning, still trying new things, new timings, new post topics. Its just over 2 years since I first dipped my toe and posted my first blog post, and it took me a while to get into regular postings.

I had absolutely no clue what a blog was, let alone how to post or create one. Several templates later, I'm a bit more comfortable with my style, have worked out a few tips and pointers along the way, and learned what I like.

All in all, I love life. I want my blog to show that, so I post about things I love and have a passion for. Mainly its music for me, I love music. I also love films and great TV shows when I find them, such as my current Prison Break and The Walking Dead obsession!! And don't forget travel - I love an adventure.

I also try, and fail, and try some more, and again, to diet, get fit and battle the bulge. Its a never ending story! Finally, and linked to the ongoing battle of the bulge, I love food and I love clothes. So this is what I blog about. My life and loves. I try new things, plan for the future, and look back over what's already happened. A bit of everything really!!

I love competitions too, and when I find ones that feature prizes that fit with my blog, I post them too, as I figure if you read my posts, you must like something about it so you might like to win the prize!

So welcome new followers - its lovely to know that there are a few more of you out there now. Thank you to each one of you. I have now got over 100 of you lovely people following me over on Google+ so thank you to each one of you. I hope you find something interesting here on The Eternal Hopeful and enjoy life along with me.

Thank you for following me, and welcome to my world. x