Tuesday, 1 November 2016

What I am Watching this Week

  • Walking Dead. We have been on a bit of a boxset marathon with this. Second time of watching - we decided to watch every episode again in readiness for the new series. We are up to series 4 and actually, its better second time around. Yes, its ultra gory, but the characters are so good, and the storylines so varied it keeps you thoroughly entertained. 

  • Emmerdale and Corrie. Both have had a tragic week with car accidents. Emmerdales was off the scale in terms of drama. It was unbelievably tense and dramatic and so clever how they entwined all the different storylines into being in cars. I cannot believe they don't know what a total lunatic Emma is - she caused all of that!! Corrie - well David Platt lost it big time, and poor Anna copped for it. Dramatic stuff in the Dales and on the cobbles for sure this week. 

  • Salvage Hunter. I love this program. A guy named Drew travels up and down the country finding little hidden gems he can salvage, reclaim, do up and sell on for a profit. This week he went to a country house and found these amazing lamps and seats. I would love to do this for a living, but you have to have a good eye for these things and know what is going to sell. Risky business, but endlessly fascinating and appealing to me.