Monday, 7 November 2016

What I'm Watching the Week

  • Halloween movies. You name it, this week, I've watched it. Everything from The Shining, to Hocus Pocus, Paranormal Activity (well, almost - too scared to watch it all) to Drag Me to Hell. Its been a spook fest for sure!! 

  • Storage Wars and Salvage Hunter. My new obsession is finding hidden gems. These 2 shows are on a similar theme, but very different characters. Storage Wars is where people bid on abandoned units and they are all big ego's and big mouths, but its fascinating. Salvage Hunter features a really cool guy called Drew. He travels up and down the country with his van looking for valuable items he can restore and sell on at a profit. Personally, the appeal to me is that I would love to do either!! 

  • Grand Designs and A Place in the Sun. My second obsession - owing a place abroad, and or designing my own place. Both equally appealing. I love Grand Designs - the finished homes are always amazing, if not to my taste, but they almost always run out of money. A Place in the Sun is the stuff of dreams, and its not pipe dreams - these people are actually doing it and it makes me want to!!