Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas Songs Day 8 - Mariah Carey 'All I want for Christmas Is You '

Day 8 and today its Mariah Carey's amazing 'All I want for Christmas is You'

Possibly one of the all time greatest Christmas songs on my list its Mariah's classic and the song from one of my favourite films, that being the very great Love Actually.

Originally released all the way back in 1994, 20 years later, its as fresh and great as ever, if not even greater because of the associations I have now for this tune. Its an upbeat, feel good song and it puts me in a very happy good place and full of Christmas cheer and love.

This is a big song make no mistake - think violins, flutes, drums, not to mention more than a nod back to past times - a big of vintage American influence in the form of the 40's/50's, and then Mariah's diva vocals, which in my humble opinion, could not have been accomplished by any other singer.

In looking this up, I discovered this song actually peaked at number 2 in the UK singles chart which surprised me. Given that its one of the all time greats, I was sure it would have been a number 1 but it was in fact held off by another Christmas number in the form of East 17 with 'Stay Another Day'.

In the years since its release, this song has stood the test of time. Its been re-released, covered by other artists and duets with Mariah herself, featured on countless Christmas shows, TV and so on and I think its brilliant.

So there we have my choice for Day 8 and here are my previous choices :

Day 7 - Gabrielle Aplin 'The Power of Love'
Day 6 - Kylie 'Santa Baby'
Day 5 - Elton John 'Step into Christmas'
Day 4 - Wham 'Last Christmas'
Day 3 - Band Aid 'Do They Know its Christmas'
Day 2 - Wizzard 'I Wish it Could be Christmas'
Day 1 - Johnny Mathis - Its Beginning to Look at lot like Christmas

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