Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Post Christmas - time to face the music!!

Ok, so Christmas is always expensive. No avoiding it really, but before it reaches the point where its a problem, its time to square up and work out what damage has been done to the old bank account.

I had been very careful and deliberated over what to buy, so I had a good idea how much I would need to be putting back in the coffers post Christmas.

So the sum total of the Christmas payback I need to work off is: £1121. That's actually not so bad. A couple of months of belt tightening, and that should be back where it should be then I can get back to the bigger plan.

Which is to clear all debts, and pay off my mortgage. I have a plan, and I just need to get the Christmas excesses paid off then I can continue making progress with the rest!!

Quite pleased about that. Its no where near as bad as in previous years, and this year we did Christmas Dinner too, so we had that as an added expense. It just goes to show that with planning, it doesn't have to set you back or derail you.

Now I just need to work out how I can raise just over £1K as quickly as possible. I'm thinking comps, surveys and ebay, as well as making some savings elsewhere. So, starting now, time to face the music and dance. :)