Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Christmas lover and The Grinch

Me and my other half are truly chalk and cheese when it comes to the most wonderful time of the year. Yes folks, the other half of mine is in fact none other than The Grinch.

When the Christmas adverts start, and the houses that inevitably will put their decorations up literally the day after Bonfire Night if not sooner, he starts sighing and uttering such comments as "for God's sake". He really does not enter into the spirit of things at all. Left to him, the lights and the tree would go up the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve Eve if you will, if indeed at all. I dare say were he on his own, he would probably buy a pack of mince pies and call it enough.

Now, by contrast, I am that person who gets over excited at the mere prospect of putting up Santa's grotto. I am the Christmas magpie - if it sparkly and shiny I am all over it. I love the whole shebang - the lights, the present buying, the cooking, the hosting, the cards, the food orders, the tree, the wrapping - yes I am a true Christmas lover.

Luckily, the combination of the two of us together accomplishes two particularly good elements for both our benefit. For him, my love of all things festive makes him at least try and enjoy it and he does like it when the house looks all warm and festive and sparkly. He does at least partake, albeit slightly under duress!!

For me, being with Mr Grinch, prevents me from getting totally carried away. I am allowed to behave like I am an over eager 6 year old from 2 weeks before and no sooner!! I can put whatever decorations up I like, drain the national grid should I be so inclined, but no sooner than two weeks or so before the big day. Actually, that works out pretty well.

It means I don't have to spend weeks and weeks trying to dust and hoover around all the lights and the tree. It means the novelty hasn't worn off by the time its Christmas Day. It means I am still in wonder and awe of all the shiny sparkly things instead of, quite frankly, being a bit fed up of them after a few weeks.

We both get something out of it - he gets to be festive when he would otherwise not be, and I get reigned in slightly, so I don't get OTT with it. There were years before I was with him that I would spend so much on the decorations it was ridiculous and most of the time, there was no plan to it. Now, I get to consider where and how to arrange everything and as a result the house looks so much better like its themed instead of haphazard which works out beautifully.

I still turn into a turbo charged Christmas maniac come Christmas Eve when I turn into the duracell bunny buzzing with excitement, but he actually finds it quite amusing - in small doses that is!!

I have to don my reindeer antlers, leave a mince pie and a brandy for Santa, and then wake up racing to get down stairs to see if he has been !! I still have to have the obligatory Bucks Fizz to start the proceedings off properly. But both of us enjoy the get togethers with our friends and family and we both love to give one another our presents. We both love watching Christmas films, and having a good old celebration, and, he does do a great Christmas dinner - cooking is really not my forte in life!

Christmas is truly wonderful as far as I'm concerned, and even living with the Grinch will never change my opinion.

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